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Four Common Reasons for Giving Thanks in 2022

Happy Thanksgiving from Little Wiggles & Giggles Learning Center

We’re blogging about common reasons for giving thanks this month. Thanksgiving’s approaching soon; this time of year’s when people give thanks for many things. At Little Wiggles & Giggles Learning Center, we give thanks for the kiddos in our care and their families. Regardless of a family’s wealth, stature, or size, most people can give thanks for:


  • Freedom, Friends, and Family
  • Food and Necessities
  • Holiday Traditions


Every Person Can Give Thanks for Their Freedom, Friends, and Family

Having close friends and family members in our lives is something for which many of us give thanks. After enduring the pandemic, nearly everyone could give thanks, and did, for friends and family they didn’t get to see. This year, list out those friends and family you couldn’t see before, but can now, and give thanks for them. Besides friends and family, we also give thanks for the freedom we have in our country.


Learn About the Freedoms in Our Country for Which We Give Thanks

In the U.S., there are many freedoms protected by the constitution under the first amendment for which we give thanks. We give thanks for the freedom of speech and our rights to privacy. Many also give thanks for the freedom of assembly and to practice the religions of their choice.


Give Thanks for Food and Necessities and Holiday Traditions

After we give thanks for freedom, friends, and family, we can be thankful for food and necessities we have. So many people around the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Nor do those same people have the abundance of food and medical care we do. Such food and necessities are commodities for which we humbly give thanks. In addition to food and necessities, we give thanks for our holiday traditions.


Learn Some Holiday Traditions for Which We Give Thanks

Because of our freedoms, we also give thanks for the chance to participate in holiday traditions. At Thanksgiving, holiday traditions include sharing a meal with friends and family. A month later, Christmas holiday traditions include exchanging gifts and more friends and family gatherings. Other holiday traditions for which we can give thanks include:


  • Decorating
  • Sending cards
  • Throwing or attending parties


At Little Wiggles & Giggles Learning Center, we provide child care from infancy to early elementary school. To find out more information about our services, call (570) 208-9125. Like our Facebook page and follow us for updates. We’d be happy to discuss more about common reasons for giving thanks.